The Hospital Belfie – (Hospital Bed Selfie)


The gargantuan prevalence of social media has reached stratospheric  proportions and, more often than not, celebrities are taking to its helm and steering their own publicity via Twitter, Facebook and some of their lowlier counterparts. Shunning paid PR professionals, celebs ranging from … Continue reading

The reason why nice guys finish last….



“So do you like him?”


“Are you going to see him again?”

“Well, I don’t think so”

“Why? I thought you said he was lovely, very kind, took you out, and brought you your favourite wine? What’s the problem?”

“He’s too nice”

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The Man Ban Cont…. Man Mix Ups

Man Mix Ups

After an extremely personal look at my face during the face mask testing, I thought it about time for an equally personal look at something that might be even more blemished and flawed – my relationship with men. Hard to believe given those incriminating photos, but this may well be true.

Previously, I publicly imposed upon myself a ‘man ban’, or at least considered it. The implementation of which has been easy (It has been a week, apart from the man on the bus who coughs at me, my romantic dalliances amount to: nil). The mentality is still a struggle. Maybe a man ban is the wrong way to go? Absolute zero is a bit tragic. Perhaps a swing in the complete opposite direction? Tactical sluttery, if you will. Here is why…

sam jones


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Mask testing



There will follow a series of make-up free and dismal photos of me and my sister, all in the name of product testing. Unless you want to be unceremoniously put off – avoid reading this whilst eating or getting jiggy with it.


I have already raved about my love of REN Invisible Pores Detox Mask in this post, so I decided to be a lovely sister and let my similarly facially challenged sister try it for herself.

I had been given a sample of Glamglow when I purchased my REN mask, so now was a good a time as any to try it out.

This weekend has consisted of a lot of Prosecco, Wine, Vodka, Gin, Cocktails -Drinks and Sunday Roast, Ice Cream, Chippies  bad food. I have worn A LOT of make up and fake tan while visiting Newcastle so my skin has taken a hefty beating this weekend. The state of my skin couldn’t make this more apparent.

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No.7 Hot Cloth Cleanser – A Liz Earle Dupe?

No.7 Hot Cloth Cleanser


As my favourite Liz Earle Cleanser ran out, I was ready to hotfoot it to Boots and repurchase this creamy, dreamy face fixer. Then I walked in to three brown envelopes asking me for various amounts of money for non-essential things like ‘water’ and ‘electricity’. I had a rethink and scoured some of my favourite blogs for an alternative.



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Spring? In Scotland? Surely not.

Fine. I’ll come. But I’m bringing a coat.


Spring in Scotland is one of those things that people mention as if it is some ancient folklore. ‘We had Spring once, 1973. There was ice cream’. While the rest of the country (London) is getting their shins out at the first sightings of sunshine and necking limited edition summer blend cider, I’m still buttoning up my long suffering winter coat and wearing two pairs of socks.

When Spring does eventually drag itself northwards, like a sullen teenager to school, I will not be caught out by the ‘It’s really warm when the suns out’ mentality. Only to find myself perishing in the shade.


I’m determined to get in to some boyfriend jeans this year, even with my ‘anti fashion’ body which is more cuddly than catwalk. First on my hit list to try on, have a hissy fit and cry over are Rag and Bone The Dre Boyfriend fit jeans at Revolve £120. If my arse going to look especially chubby, I’ll be balancing it out with my current favourite strappies from River Island £45. They will give the illusion of delicate breakable ankles, leading in to lithe, lean legs underneath all that denim. No one need ever know I could probably start for the England in the Rugby with my thunderous thighs.

You can’t go wrong with a good grey jersey and this Mango number is a steal at £17.99. Remember: ‘Tuck it in and look thin’. A good bracelet watch with a summery update from everyone’s favourite; Michael Kors at Watch Shop £173. The peach face goes beautifully with the Bobbi Brown limited edition Bare Peach High Shine Lipgloss from the Peach Nudes summer collection, John Lewis £18.  Add an impractical clutch from Zara with beautiful bead work. Which looks ludicrously more expensive than the £39.99 price tag. Get a friend/relative/boyfriend to carry the rest of your stuff and travel light.


Top it all off with a loose but practical coat. Let’s be realistic here. This throw on notch neck number from Topshop, £75, is light enough not to make you look like a miserable sun dodger, but will keep you toasty when the dreaded shade rolls in like an ominous black cloud and you freeze your tatas off.